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"A true revelation.“ 
Paolo Peviani, All About Jazz Italy


Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1990, Elias lived in Berlin from 2010 and moved to New York in 2015. Besides his main instrument, the acoustic piano, he also plays synthesizers. He performs in a variety of musical idioms ranging from the song-oriented music of Jim Black's trio to contemporary classical pieces by John Zorn to the electric music of Eyebone.

Current projects include collaborations with John Zorn (John Zorn's Bagatelles), the Greg Cohen Quintet, Philipp Gropper's "Philm", Jim Black's "Malamute" Anna Webber's "Percussive Mechanics", Robert Landfermann Quintet and "OTIS+WEDDING". 

Elias Stemeseder has performed solo concerts at the Nuoro Jazz Festival (IT), Haus Der Berliner Festspiele (DE), 12points Festival Dublin (IRL) and Südtirol Jazzfestival (IT). He leads a Berlin - based quartet with Eldar Tsalikov, Igor Spallati and Ugo Alunni and co-leads the bands Jagged Spheres (with Anna Webber and Devin Gray) and Eyebone (with Nels Cline and Jim Black).

Since 2008 Elias has been working extensively with the American drummer Jim Black. The Jim Black trio (with Thomas Morgan on double bass) has released the critically acclaimed recordings Somatic and Actuality on the German label Winter&Winter Recordings and The Constant on the Swiss label Intakt Records. In 2013, Elias formed the collective trio "Eyebone“ with Jim Black and guitarist Nels Cline, in which he plays the Wurlitzer piano and bass synthesizers. 

Elias has received scholarships and grants from SKE/austro mechana and BKA Österreich Kunst und Kultur.


Unterstützt durch/supported by SKE/austro mechana



Jim Black Trio - Somatic (Winter&Winter 2012)
Jim Black Trio - Actuality (Winter&Winter 2014) 
Jim Black Trio - ​The Constant (Intakt Records 2016)
Philipp Gropper - The Madman of Naranam (WhyPlayJazz 2015)
Philipp Harnisch - Handmade Emotions (Vienna Today 2011)
Philipp Harnisch - Songs about Birds and Horses (Listen Closely 2013)
Philipp Harnisch - Black Field (Listen Closely 2014)
Jagged Spheres - Jagged Spheres (self-released 2014) 
Simon Kanzler - Double Identity (WhyPlayJazz)
Robert Landfermann - Night Will Fall Pirouet (2015)
Igor Osypov Quintet featuring Logan Richardson „I“ (Unit records, 2014)
Zola Run - Sirens
Anna Webber - Percussive Mechanics (Pirouet 2012)
Anna Webber - Refraction (Pirouet 2014) 

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you can contact me at: elias.stemeseder (at) gmx.at 

Jim Black
Philipp Gropper
Robert Landfermann
Anna Webber
Kim Collective

SKE/austro mechana



With Luca Rosenfeld, Billy Mintz
14. December 2017 / New York - 5C

With Timo Vollbrecht "Fly Magic" with Keisuke Masuno, Martin Nevin, Jason Burger
15. December 2017 / Brooklyn (NY) - house concert. email for details

Dogtown (Henry Fraser, Jason Nazary, Elias Stemeseder) + Mat Maneri
19. December 2017 / New York - Cornelia Street Cafe

Duo with Georg Vogel
1. January 2018 / Wien (AT) - Porgy&Bess
5. January 2018 / Salzburg (AT) - Jazzit


With Lucia Cadotsch 'Speak Low' (Lucia Cadotsch, Petter Eldh, Otis Sandsjö)
12. January 2018 / New York - Winter Jazz Fest
13. January 2018 / New York - Greenwich House

Jagged Spheres (Anna Webber, Devin Gray, Elias Stemeseder)
13. January 2018 / New York - Greenwich House